Architecture Around The World

I love to design buildings, go karts, cars, you name it, obviously when I grow up I want to become an architect. I like to look at other architectural wonders from others before me. One of my favorite buildings with a cool design is the World Trade Center. It is known as the one world trade center or the 1 W.T.C. because the “twin towers” used to be the world trade center but after the plane crash of 2001 they had to build a new World Trade Center.

This building an architectural wonder is 104 stories tall and the tallest building in the western hemisphere, it is also the fourth tallest building in the world. There is an 18 piece spire located on the top of the building. Without the spire the building is 1,368 feet tall and including the spire the building is a staggering 1,776 feet tall. That means the spire is 408 feet tall, no wonder the spire has 18 pieces.

Construction began on April 27, 2006 for the One World Trade Center, and in March 30, 2009 the Port authority of New York and New Jersey announced the buildings name; The One World Trade Center. For more information here is a link World Trade Center - 2013Creative Commons License Matthew Straubmuller via Compfight



I thought that making limericks was fun. It took me almost the whole time to make only one but I like the idea of limericks because it is fun and not to hardcore. Here is the limerick that  made:

There once was a man on a boat

He hoped It would stay afloat

He needed a ride

To the other side

So he could cast a vote


The World Without School

I think that school is good for you, in the knowledge field. Think about what your future would be without school, you would have almost no knowledge and it would impact us severely. Most people don’t like school, but the truth is without school the we would be way different than we are now and it wouldn’t be better, we would be in a much worse state. We wouldn’t have a good government and we wouldn’t be able to make companies that make things such as: phones, houses, cars, and good clothes. I am very grateful that we have a school and a good education and you should be too.


Donating Rice

I love the program Free Rice. It lets you learn while donating rice to the unfortunate. I like that it runs on benefactors and it reminds me that there are lots of good people in this world that will think of others before them. I like it because I like to donate the rice and learn while doing it, it is a really fun way of learning and helping others. I really encourage you to do it!

Homelessness in America

I did my research project on homelessness in America. I did a slideshow, not a blog post, I just thought it would be a good thing to write about. I chose homelessness because when I was brainstorming ideas the book “Hold Fast” came to mind ( by the way it is a really good book, I recommend you read it) It talks about a family that was very close and was very poor, but they still had enough to live in a one room apartment. One day their father didn’t come home from work and they eventually had to live in a homeless shelter and it talked about how homeless shelters were so uncleanly. In the end they found their father and all was back to normal. I thought homelessness was a very interesting topic to do research on. I found that overall homelessness in America is decreasing which is good. Roughly there is about 636,000 homeless people in America, it is impossible to get an exact number on homeless because homeless people are always moving around in order to survive. I am glad that the number of homeless is decreasing, but think that 636,000 homeless people is not an acceptable number.


Hey, I have been wanting to post so and I couldn’t really find something good to post on so I am just writing on how my life is going. I am really looking forward to BYOD, I really want to bring my now laptop in and to be able to have my own device in the classroom. It just goes to prove, that technology improves at a really fast rate. I am also really looking forward to spring break, because I am going to Boston Massachusetts, where I was born. We are going to see the house we used to live in and we are going to see other sites in Boston. Mostly I have been doing fine, and not really doing anything.

What I like and dislike about sixth grade

Some things about sixth grade I like and dislike is that we have different teachers for each block, there are some downsides and upsides about this. I like it because the teachers are trained in that area and know more about it, they have their efforts focused there and only there, I don’t like it because I don’t think that they realize how much homework the students have in other classes and they give us what seems like a reasonable amount but really we have lots of homework in all of the classes. Another thing I like is that we have lockers, I like this because we can keep all our stuff in them, I also think it would be better if you could carry your backpack around because then you didn’t have to go to your locker after every class, and at the end of the day put the things you don’t need in your locker and take the things that you need home. Overall I like sixth grade because we are independent, and the rules are more free that in elementary school.

Own little word


By: Eric W.


The word onward has a few meanings to me. The first is to just push onward, like a snow plow pushing through the hard times in life, not just at school, but at home too. I want to get the hard things done first, like a snow shovel scooping away the hard things first, then play games and hang out with friends. I think this will help me to have a schedule to help me manage my time better,along with everyday life, I want to have the important things with the most priority. Another meaning is to move forward in life, I want to look to the future, and remember just the good things in the past. The word onward is one of my new years resolutions to apply this in my everyday life and look to the future. To fulfill this resolution, I want to always have a positive attitude, to get quality work turned in, and try to be a better person. I am a mountain climber climbing onward to the top of life mountain.

Slice of Life

Slice of Life

by Eric W.


Grandma’s driveway gleamed white as we pulled in the shady garage cluttered with rakes, hoes, and brooms. Grandma likes to do gardening a lot. I jumped out of the car as it was still moving and raced down the steep hill that leads down to the small forest in Grandma’s backyard. The smell has always reminded me of fresh adventure.  I arrived at the treehouse stopping to admire it and soon thereafter my sisters arrived panting slightly. Light shone in through the patches in the leaves. There was a small slab of wood  dangling from a tree with the words Fort Hideaway etched onto its surface, there was also the swing, the firemans pole, the trap door coming from the back deck with a rope that you could climb down to make a hasty escape if needed, and the pulley, used to haul things from the ground to the treehouse.


I am the oldest of all the cousins so I am usually the leader of Fort Hideway. The girls did the cooking and the boys did the hunting, catching various pretend animals such as bears, foxes, and deer.I was also the manager, I checked if everyone was doing there jobs and were happy.Sometimes I had to get buckets full of water for the girls to cook with, we would always say the same thing,

” Eric,get us a new bucket of water!” they would  holar.

“Again, seriously?” I would reply.” I just did replaced it three minutes ago!”

“well do it again!” they would yell back.

“Fine,” I would grumble.  I also took their mud pies up to the loft to bake in the sun.They would say,

”Eric, take the pies up to bake!”

  “uuuuugh!” I would say.”fine,”


I always lost those arguments.Once we even slept in the treehouse, we slept in the loft because we wanted to be as far away from the ground as possible, it was hard to sleep that night with the loud chirping going on.  One time I wanted to build a little desk below the treehouse, so we sent   my little cousin Todd to get some wood and he tripped over a root when he came back, the wood flew in every direction, landing with loud bangs and clatters. He stretched his hand out hoping to break his fall, he did break his fall but his wrist got all the pain. Todd screamed and all of us rushed to the scene, I saw everyone comforting him and being really nice to him and I knew that family really mattered to him and me and everyone,  he got out  faster than normal and something told me that it was because his cousins and family was there for him if he ever falls .


  Fort Hideaway’s food is lemons, every year our tradition is to eat lemon candy and lemonade and enjoy it in the tree house, the sour taste is as good as grandma’s homemade cookies. The treehouse can be a lot of different things like a pirate ship  sailing through a stormy sea or an army base under attack. One of my favorite things to do is sit up in the loft  during the afternoon and watch the sun and sky full of blues, purples, and pinks swirling together. Every year there are new adventures and always the old ones to remember.